Enhancing Mental Health & Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)--ARCHIVED

Last Reviewed Date
January 25, 2023

States and territories across the country are embracing new approaches and proven strategies to support infant–early childhood mental health (I-ECMH) and foster social-emotional learning (SEL) among young children. This page includes materials that define those approaches and strategies, examine various challenges and outcomes, and highlight examples from states working to enhance mental health and SEL across diverse communities and programs.

Early Childhood Policy Matters—An Introduction

This first episode shares the nuts and bolts of early childhood mental health and provides an overview of the later episodes in this series.

Getting Started with Mental Health Consultation

In this second episode, leaders in California and New York share about ways they have established mental health consultation in their states.

Implementing Mental Health Services and Supports

This third episode shares about the implementation of Arkansas’ early childhood mental health consultation system and the Pyramid Model. 

Addressing Policy Challenges for Mental Health Practitioners

In this fourth episode, two early childhood mental health practitioners share about the common challenges and strategies of providers in this field.

A Successful Statewide Early Childhood Mental Health System

In this fifth episode, mental health specialists share how they incorporated early childhood mental health into their mixed-delivery systems and the benefits.

PDG B-5 TA Center 2020 Annual Meeting - Social-Emotional Health Strand Opening Session

Discussing considerations for administrators designing early childhood systems that support the social-emotional learning and mental health of young children.

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Overview of Research, Best Practices, and Examples

This brief gives an overview of infant and early childhood mental health consultation (IECMHC) for policymakers and program leaders.

New York State’s Agency Partnerships to Support Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Scale-Up for Infants and Toddlers

A brief about building sustainable early childhood mental health consultation (IECMHC) services for infants and toddlers across a mixed delivery system.

Helping Young Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

This brief describes early childhood trauma and its effects and offers evidence-based strategies for early childhood education (ECE) programs and systems to help young children who have experienced trauma.

What Works for Reducing Problem Behaviors in Early Childhood

This brief that synthesizes findings from experimental evaluations of 50 programs to address problem behaviors in early childhood (birth to age five).

Preventing Expulsion From Preschool and Child Care

This web page focuses on preventing expulsion from preschool and childcare and includes articles and reports for policymakers that present data and policy guidance on this topic.

Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs for Preschool and Elementary Schools 

This guidebook helps educators select preschool and elementary social-emotional learning programs.

Guide to Schoolwide Social and Emotional Learning

This guidebook that contains tools leading school-based teams through a process for systemic social-emotional learning (SEL) implementation.

Social and Emotional Learning for Parents

This video informs parents about social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools and how to use the concepts in their own parenting practices.

Collaborating States Initiative Resources

This web page features tools to help states get started in developing standards, policies, programs, and communities of learning to support SEL implementation.

Preventing Suspensions and Expulsions in Early Childhood Settings

This guidebook features resources on supporting social-emotional development, reducing challenging behavior, and understanding cultural differences and implicit biases.f

Developmental Screening and Assessment Instruments

This report lists instruments for screening and assessing young children's social and emotional development.

Recommended Process for Developing State Policies and Guidelines to Support Social and Emotional Learning

This brief recommends a 14-step process for developing, implementing, and sustaining state policies and guidelines to support social and emotional learning (SEL).

District Recommendations for How States Can Support SEL

This brief summarizes conversations with district and state leaders resulting in seven recommendations facilitating evidence-based approaches to SEL in schools and districts.

Encouraging Social and Emotional Learning

This brief that offers recommendations for how state agencies can measure and promote SEL in accountability and continuous improvement plans.

Center for Excellence for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

This web page features resources including an evaluation toolkit that guides conducting high-quality evaluations of Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation programs.

Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting From COVID-19

This discussion guide lists recommendations to support children during COVID-19 times, particularly in terms of social emotional impacts.