Developing High-Quality Infant & Toddler Programs--ARCHIVED

Last Reviewed Date
January 13, 2023

The Preschool Development Grant Birth through 5 included the opportunity for states to improve and strengthen services and initiatives for infants and toddlers. Efforts by states include family child care networks, increasing slots for infant and toddlers, providing infant and early childhood mental health consultation to ECE programs, among many other initiatives.  This resource page highlights resources from the National Center on Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five related to states efforts for improving the policies and practices for high-quality infant and toddler programs.

FCC Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative Pilot

This brief describes a pilot focusing on network strategies to support FCC practices that lead to improved outcomes for infants and toddlers and their families.

Staffed Family Child Care Networks: A Research-Informed Strategy for Supporting High-Quality Family Child Care

This brief describes the support a staffed family child care (FCC) network can provide, its essential elements, and the value it brings.

Staffed Family Child Care Network Cost Estimation Tool and User's Guide

This tool is designed to assist state, regional and local organizations in better understanding the costs of operating a staffed family child care network.

Improving the Supply and Quality of Child Care Programs and Services for Infants and Toddlers

A synopsis of states and territories' plans to improve the supply and quality of child care programs and services for infants and toddlers to meet CCDF requirements.

Addressing the Decreasing Number of Family Child Care Providers in the United States

This brief examines the reasons for family child care home closures and offers information that states, territories, or tribes can use to solve this problem.

Basic Information for EHS Child Care Partnerships

This resource helps states and Head Start grantees understand the value of and ways to implement partnerships between child care and Head Start programs.

Supply Building Questionnaire and Checklist

This questionnaire and checklist help states think about the challenges of creating and maintaining a supply of high-quality care for infants and toddlers.

CCR&Rs Help Communities Meet Supply and Demand Needs

This resource shares the role of CCR&R systems in child care supply and demand, focusing on supply and demand mapping, recruitment, state examples, and more.

Charting Progress for Babies in Child Care

This page gives a policy for framework, list of recommendations, and resources to help states make wise policy and practice decisions for infant and toddler care.

Information Memorandum: Building the Supply of High-Quality Child Care

ThisOCC information memorandum provides specific guidance to CCDF Lead Agencies about increasing the supply of high-quality child care.

Intentionally Including Infants and Toddlers in PDG B-5

This resource shares strategies states can include in PDG B-5 plans to improve outcomes for infants and toddlers.

Strengthening Infant/Toddler Child Care System Policies and Practices: A Tool for Advancing Infant/Toddler Child Care Quality

This tool supports state child care leaders and infant and toddler stakeholders as they plan and implement policies to strengthen the quality of child care services.

ITRG State Level Policy Professionals

This part of the guide helps state-level leaders improve the availability of high-quality toddler care, organized into six content areas.

Addressing Abuse and Neglect During COVID-19

This webinar series gives resources and opportunities for dialogue on abuse and neglect during COVID-19, focusing specifically on infant and toddler care.