COVID-19 Information for CCDF Lead Agencies and Other Policymakers

Last Reviewed Date
Jan. 21, 2023

This page contains resources to benefit those working in CCDF Lead Agencies and other policymakers.

HHS, CDC and White House: COVID-19 Updates

Information from the federal government about COVID-19.

Addressing the Impact of COVID-19 in Tribal CCDF Programs

This webinar series shares the impact of COVID-19 in Tribal communities and identifies ways to support Tribal CCDF programs’ recovery from the pandemic.

Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Guide 

This resource helps programs develop plans to ensure the safety of children, ensure continuity of care, and reduce the risks of clientele and income loss. 

NCASE: OST Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Toolkit

This toolkit assists programs in developing emergency preparedness plans that address the distinct needs of OST programs.

Perspectives from Research and Practice: Limiting COVID-19 Transmission in Child Care Programs

This webinar shares stories about how Rhode Island limited COVID-19 transmission in child care settings.

Child Care Stabilization Grants

This page gives information about child care stabilization grants, including an overview of the ARP Act, links to applications, and tools for Lead Agencies. COVID-19 Resources and Information

This page shares resources about child care stabilization grants and vaccines and COVID-19 materials specifically for families and providers.

COVID-19 Resources for Providers and CCR&R Agencies

This Child Care Aware page provides information to help providers explain COVID-19 to children and prevent the spread among children and staff. 

ECTA COVID-19 Resources 

This page provides Part C and Part B, Section 619 programs with information about funding during COVID-19 and program-specific FAQ documents and fact sheets.

Office of Head Start COVID-19 Updates

This regularly updated page provides COVID-19 updates, guidance, and resources for Head Start and Early Head Start program providers, families, and communities. 

Operating Schools during COVID-19: CDC’s Considerations

This CDC resource is for schools during COVID-19 and includes guiding principles, how to plan and prepare, and considerations for children with disabilities.

Q&A on Serving Children with Disabilities during COVID-19

This U.S. Department of Education document answers common questions about serving children with disabilities during COVID-19.

Early Intervention and Special Education during COVID-19

These COVID-19 resources are for early intervention and early childhood special education programs and focus on program-specific update and federal guidelines. 

Summary of Child Care Provisions of CARES Act

This summary from 2020 highlights CARES Act language that pertains to the CCDBG Act and lists key takeaways about funds for CCDF participants. 

Addressing COVID-19 while Serving Children with Disabilities 

This 2020 resource gives U.S. Department of Education guidance on Parts B and C of IDEA, addressing COVID-19 in schools and serving children with disabilities. 

How Partnerships and Innovations Support the Increased Need for School-Age Child Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This brief shows how state-level partnerships combined with innovative practices strengthen resources for the benefit of children and families.

Investing in the Future: State Supports for Infants and Toddlers

This brief highlights 23 renewal Grantees’ plans for supporting the development of infants and toddlers and describes changes states made due to COVID-19.

The New Normal: What Is the Impact on Provider Costs?

This one-pager explains how the PCQC can help states, territories, and tribes understand the costs of mitigating Covid-19 in early care and education settings.

SCBC: Leveraging Child Care Consumer Education Websites During Emergencies and Disasters

This tip sheet helps states and territories using consumer education websites better communicate critical information during emergencies and disasters.

Maintaining Program Integrity in a COVID World

This webinar provides strategies for maininting CCDF program integrity as Lead Agencies help providers and families adapt to challenges caused by COVID-19.

Families Experiencing Homelessness During COVID-19

This resource explores considerations and strategies for working with families who are or may be at risk for experiencing homelessness.

How Pennsylvania State Leaders Used Data to Distribute CARES Act Funds Equitably During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This brief describes Pennsylvania's Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS) and how state leaders used its data to equitably distribute CARES Act funds.

COVID-19 Guidance for Operating Early Care and Education/Child Care Programs

This guidance outlines strategies for ECE programs to implement to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to maintain safer operations. 

Healthy States: Health and Safety Training Toolkit

This toolkit includes information on developing health and safety trainings as well as information on online modules, training materials, and webinars. 

Keep Children Healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This CDC guide provides guidance to parents and caregivers for keeping children healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Guidance for Schools and Child Care During an Outbreak

School and child care program administrators can use this CDC resource page to plan, prepare, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interim Guidance for US K-12 Schools and Child Care Programs

The CDC provides guidance and an operational strategy to safely open in-person school settings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supplemental Guidance for Child Care Programs That Remain Open

This CDC outlines strategies for child care programs to maintain healthy environments and operations and lower the risk of COVID-19 spread.

Emergencies and National Disasters: Helping Families Cope

These resources support families in helping young children cope with the challenges that can occur during stressful emergency or disaster situations. 

Trauma Resources Specific to Early Childhood Programs

This ACF resource page answers commonly asked questions about trauma-informed practices in early childhood and provides additional resources. 

6 Guiding Principles to a Trauma-Informed Approach

This CDC infographic explains six guiding principles to a trauma-informed approach. 

FNS Program Guidance on Human Pandemic Response

This USDA resource explains how states can use flexibilities in food nutrition programs as they develop pandemic response strategies. 

Statewide Disaster Plan for Child Care

This OCC information memorandum provides guidance to Lead Agencies to help them develop and implement child care disaster plans.

CCDF Spending Flexibility in Response to Emergencies

This OCC information memorandum provides guidance to CCDF Lead Agencies on CCDF spending flexibility in response to emergencies.

CCDF Frequently Asked Questions in Response to COVID-19

This page addresses questions about the impact of COVID-19 job loss, economic impact payments, and unemployment benefits on child care program copays. 

Out-of-School Time Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Toolkit

This toolkit assists programs in developing emergency preparedness plans that address the distinct needs of OST programs.

Child Care SSSN: Promoting Access to Care after an Emergency or Disaster: Illustrative State CCDF Policies

This resource covers policies that promote continuity of child care for families and providers and reduce barriers to new families needing aid after a disaster.