Consumer Education Website Resource Guides

Last Reviewed Date
Jan. 20, 2023

These resources were created by the Child Care State Capacity Building Center's Intensive Technical Assistance team to guide CCDF Lead Agencies through the process of building and maintaining consumer education websites.

CCDF Consumer Education Website Requirements Infographic

This infographic depicts the 12 consumer education components that states and territories are required to offer on their consumer education website.

State and Territory Child Care Consumer Education Website: Self-Assessment Checklist

This assessment tool helps states determine if their consumer education websites meet CCDF standards and best practices for user-friendly webiste design.

Template for Displaying Serious Injuries, Deaths, and Instances of Substantiated Child Abuse in Child Care

This document describes the laws for posting aggregate data and includes an example of how to display this data on stae/territory consumer education websites.

Designing Websites That Are Accessible For All Families

This guide offers best practicees for state and territory staff to ensure that their consumer education websites are accessible to families with divese needs.

Best Practices for Consumer Education Websites: Translation

This resource guide offers best practices and strategies for states and territories to provide translated materials on their consumer education websites. 

Guide for Increasing Search Engine Optimization

This guide aims to help CCDF Adminstrators learn about how search engine optimization (SEO) helps increase the visibility of their consumer education webiste.

Guide for Measuring Web Traffic and Engagement

This guide enables states and territories to convey the importance of digital analytics to information technology (IT) teams and web or digital markeding vendors.

Social Media Strategies to Support Consumer Education Websites

This guide presents best practices and resources for planning a social media strategy to help states and territories create a successful social media presence.

Branding Your Consumer Education Website: A Guide for States and Territories

This resource guide offers best practices and srategyes for states and territories to provide translated materials on their consumer education websites.