Communicating About Stabilization Grants

Last Reviewed Date
January 25, 2023

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For child care stabilization grant funds to stabilize the child care sector, eligible child care providers need to learn about, apply for, and access these critical funds. Thus, effective and timely communication is essential. These resources were designed to help states, territories, and Tribes develop effective, coordinated communication strategies and concise messages. These strategies and messages can help increase awareness and visibility of the child care stabilization grant program with child care providers, stakeholders, and partners.

Child Care Stabilization Grants Best Practice Brief: Using a Public Awareness Campaign 

This brief breaks down the key elements of a public awareness campaign. And how you apply it to your child care stabilization grant communications efforts.

Using Web Analytics to Strengthen Your Child Care Stabilization Grant Outreach

This tip sheet will help you build a basic understanding of web analytics and help you assess how well your communication and promotion efforts are working.

Child Care Stabilization Grants Best Practice Brief: Leveraging Child Care Consumer Education Websites

This tip sheet is for Lead Agencies leverage their child care consumer education websites to share critical information with providers and key stakeholders.


Partner Identification Tool and Collaboration Checklist

This tool helps to identify partners who can promote the child care stabilization grants.

Building Messages for Key Audiences

This tool will help you develop tailored messages about the child care stabilization grant for each segment of your target audience.

Creating Social Media Posts to Promote Your Child Care Stabilization Grant Program

This guide provides basic instructions on how to post social media content on Facebook and Twitter.