National Center on Tribal Early Childhood Development

The National Center on Tribal Early Childhood Development assists Tribal grantees with the administration and implementation of Child Care and Development Fund programs. The Center's activities, expertise, and resources support Indian Tribes and Tribal organizations in their efforts to increase the quality, affordability, and availability of child care in Native American communities.

Targeted technical assistance services support more than 539 Federally recognized Tribes, either directly or through Tribal consortia. These services include a toll-free information and referral line, development and dissemination of information and technical assistance materials, a peer learning and leadership network, national and regional webinars and other in-person and distance-learning technical assistance events, onsite and remote consultations with program administrators, and promotion of Tribal-State collaboration and linkages between States, Tribes, and local early childhood and school-age care education programs.

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Highlighted Tools and Resources

These Technical Assistance Guides provide background information and guidance for those who administer, oversee, or manage the finances of tribal CCDF programs.

This page provides Tribal CCDF Contacts by State information for the federally-recognized Tribes and Tribal Organizations who currently receive CCDF funds.

These Tribal QRIS Briefs will help Tribal CCDF Administrators, Tribal Leaders, and other stakeholders explore ways to increase the availability of high-quality child care for all children in their communities.

Resources and Information

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This training guide was designed to help Tribal CCDF Lead Agency staff and elected tribal leaders understand their responsibilities for ensuring that all of the child care facilities they fund and operate are providin

This guide outlines the many important skills, tools, and strategies needed by Tribal CCDF Lead Agency staff to implement a monitoring program and meet the variety of challenges they will encounter in their work.

This document lists contact information for all administrators of tribal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) programs.

This document provides an overview of the work of the Office of Child Care’s National Center on Tribal Early Childhood Development (NCTECD), which provides training and technical assistance to the Tribes and tribal organizations operating the federal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program

This Guide provides general information for those beginning to administer or oversee tribal CCDF programs, bringing together the technical and practical aspects of tribal CCDF administration.  References to specific federal regulations and guidance documents are provided throughout the text

The Minimum Tribal Child Care Standards, first published in April 2000, were reissued in 2008 as this “Health and Safety Guide” to provide a voluntary baseline for healthy and safe operations of child care homes and centers serving tribal CCDF-eligible families.

This Guide provides general information on fiscal administration and accountability issues related to the tribal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program, including basic financial management and grants management principles.