CCDF Reauthorization: Reforming Child Care for Children and Families

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The resources below have been provided by the Office of Child Care to support States and Territories with important information regarding Reauthorization, the CCDF Final Rule, and other important CCDF topics.

Federal TA Resources

Define CCDF Leadership and Coordination with Relevant Systems

Promote Family Engagement through Outreach and Consumer Education

Provide Stable Child Care Financial Assistance to Families

Ensure Equal Access to High Quality Child Care for Low-Income Children

Establish Standards and Monitoring Processes to Ensure the Health and Safety of Child Care Settings

Recruit and Retain a Qualified and Effective Child Care Workforce

Support Continuous Quality Improvement

Ensure Grantee Program Integrity and Accountability

  • Family Friendly Policies to Improve Program Integrity
    The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program provides funding to states, tribes, and territories to support child care assistance for low-income families. Eligibility policies that are family friendly, child focused, and fair to providers support CCDF goals. They can promote program access, economic stability for low-income families, and improved early learning and care outcomes for children. Streamlined eligibility practices also create administrative efficiencies, decrease the risk of improper payments, and create opportunities for using program resources to support program goals.
  • The CCDF Policies Database Book of Tables: Key Cross-State Variations in CCDF Policies as of October 1, 2013
    The fourth report of this project, this book of tables presents key aspects of the differences in CCDF-funded programs across all 50 States, territories, outlying areas, and the District of Columbia, as of October 1, 2013.

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