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The CCDF shall be expended in accordance with federal requirements and applicable state and local laws, except as superseded by 45 C.F.R. 98.3. CCDF funds may not be used as the nonfederal share for other federal grant programs.

For students enrolled in grades 1โ€“12, CCDF funds may not be used for school tuition or for any service provided during the regular school day or that supplants or duplicates the academic program of any public or private school.

Funds provided under grants or contracts to providers may not be used for any sectarian purposes. However, child care certificates may be used for sectarian purposes when provided as part of child care services. For example, a parent can use a CCDF certificate or voucher to pay for child care services provided in a church facility, even when part of the child care program includes worship or religious instruction.

For state and local agencies and nonsectarian agencies or organizations, no funds shall be expended for the purchase or improvement of land, or for the purchase, construction, or permanent improvement of any building or facility. However, funds may be expended for minor remodeling and for upgrading child care facilities to ensure that providers meet state and local child care standards, including applicable health and safety requirements. For sectarian agencies or organizations, funds may be expended for minor remodeling only if necessary to bring the facility into compliance with the health and safety requirements established pursuant to 45 C.F.R. 98.41.

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