Qualifications for Providers

Research has shown that trained caregivers are more likely to promote the physical and mental health, safety, and cognitive development of the children in their care. The CCDF Plan requires Lead Agencies to describe the qualifications they have in place for providers, including the minimum age allowed, minimum education level, and any specific content required related to the age of children served.

The Child Care Data Tracker is a comprehensive case management tool designed to support the collection, management, and use of case-level information needed for the generation of the required ACF-700 and ACF-801 reports. This tool includes information about minimum qualifications and ongoing training hours. The Tracker software is accompanied by a Tutorial which provides an overview to help grantees become familiar with the Tracker, its content, and the way it functions. An automatic installation process allows users to put the Tracker and the Tutorial on a desktop computer for immediate use. A comprehensive User’s Guide also is available for those who receive the Tracker software. Tribal and Territory Lead Agencies may receive a copy of the Child Care Data Tracker, Tutorial and User's Guide by contacting the National Center on Child Care Data and Reporting.

Additional information about training and professional development requirements is in Recruit and Retain a Qualified and Effective Child Care Workforce.