Options for Quality Activities

The CCDBG Act and CCDF final rule require states to fund at least one of the following 10 quality activities that will improve the quality of child care services provided in the state. In the CCDF Plan, Lead Agencies indicate which of the following quality improvement activities their state will invest in:

  1. Supporting the training and professional development of the child care workforce
  2. Improving on the development or implementation of early learning and development guidelines
  3. Developing, implementing, or enhancing a tiered quality rating and improvement system (or other system of quality improvement, even if not called a QRIS, as long as the other quality improvement system contains the elements of a QRIS). A QRIS is a systematic framework for evaluating, improving, and communicating the level of quality in early childhood programs and contains five key elements:
    • Program standards
    • Supports to program to improve quality
    • Financial incentives and supports
    • Quality assurance and monitoring
    • Outreach and consumer education
  4. Improving the supply and quality of child care programs and services for infants and toddlers
  5. Establishing or expanding a statewide system of child care resource and referral services
  6. Supporting compliance with state/territory requirements for licensing, inspection, monitoring, training, and health and safety standards
  7. Evaluating the quality of child care programs in the state/territory, including evaluating how programs positively impact children
  8. Supporting providers in the voluntary pursuit of accreditation
  9. Supporting the development or adoption of high-quality program standards related to health, mental health, nutrition, physical activity, and physical development
  10. Performing other activities determined by the state to improve the quality of child care services, as long as outcome measures related to improved provider preparedness, child safety, child well-being, or kindergarten entry are possible
Professional Development and Workforce information
Additional Information
Information and requirements for training and professional development and early learning and development guidelines are found in Recruit and Retain a Qualified and Effective Child Care Workforce. The other quality activities are discussed in the following tabs.


[1] CCDBG Act of 2014 658G(b); Child Care and Development Fund, 45 C.F.R. § 98.53(a) (2016).