Child Care Resource and Referral

A Lead Agency may expend funds to establish, expand, or maintain a statewide system of CCR&R services. It can be coordinated, to the extent determined appropriate by the Lead Agency, by a statewide public or private non-profit, community-based, or regionally based lead child care resource and referral organization. CCR&R agencies can serve an important role in supporting state quality improvement efforts. Although there is variation in services and support provided by CCR&R agencies, typical activities include providing parents with information about child care options, working directly with families who receive assistance or have other unique needs, collecting data on child care provider demographics and supply, and establishing partnerships with public and private entities. CCR&R agencies may play a prominent role in quality rating and improvement system implementation efforts by providing training and professional development, coaching, and technical assistance, and by providing consumer education to parents.

Note: that not all states have a CCR&R network or statewide system of CCR&R agencies. Some states use an array of agencies to deliver services that may be similar to some of the services provided by a typical CCR&R agency, often including professional development, resources, and consultation on quality improvement efforts.

Lead Agencies may be asked to describe how their state is meeting the requirements for CCR&R specified in the CCDBG Act if CCR&R activities are funded by CCDF funds. For additional information, refer to Leadership & Coordination: Coordination with Regional CCR&R Systems.

Resources: CCR&R Services

More information about CCR&R services is available from Child Care Aware.