CCDF Plan Development

One of the primary responsibilities of the CCDF Administrator is the development of the triennial CCDF Plan, also known as the ACF-118 form and system (check with your regional office for access to this site). The CCDF Plan describes the processes and activities the state will conduct to meet CCDF requirements. Preparing and submitting the CCDF Plan requires consultation and collaboration. CCDF Administrators often develop the process and schedule for engaging various stakeholders to consult in the development of the Plan, and a timeline for completion of a draft for public review.

Consultation involves meeting with or otherwise obtaining input from an appropriate agency in the development of the state or territory CCDF Plan.

As part of the Plan development process, Lead Agencies must consult with the following:

  • Appropriate representatives of units of general-purpose local government. Note:General-purpose local governments are defined by the U.S. Census.
  • The State Advisory Council (SAC) on Early Childhood Education and Care (ECAC) or similar coordinating body. The SAC is designated under the Head Start Act and may be referred to as ECAC, SAC, or another title in your state.
  • Indian tribe(s) or tribal organization(s) within the state. This consultation should be done in a timely manner and at the option of the Indian tribe(s) or tribal organization(s).

Examples of consultation with these entities might include engaging them in a drafting committee, giving them the opportunity to review drafts and sign off on the final version, or jointly developing memoranda of understanding with the Lead Agency to meet requirements for sharing information or services for families receiving subsidy.

The CCDF Administrator’s role in developing the CCDF Plan may also include consulting with the individuals responsible for the child care program components (for example, subsidy, health and safety monitoring, continuous quality improvement, and accountability) to identify who will prepare the required information.

ACF will determine compliance with requirements in the law through submission and approval of the CCDF Plan and other appropriate means, including site visits to states.

Additional information about the CCDF Plan (form ACF-118) is found in Ensure Grantee Program Integrity and Accountability.