Building a Comprehensive Early Care and Education System

Last Reviewed Date
January 25, 2023

This resource page offers a variety of podcast episodes, webinars, and guides designed to help leaders understand comprehensive ECE systems, communicate strategic plans to stakeholders, and leverage the PDG B-5 initiative to support comprehensive statewide systems-building.

Early Childhood Policy Matters Podcast

This podcast series features state leaders and national experts who discuss early childhood policy and efforts supporting the PDG B-5 initiatives.

The Biden Administration’s Vision for Comprehensive ECE Systems

This episode focuses on the role played by the federal government to support states as they strengthen early childhood care and education systems and offer mixed delivery options for parents. 

Using PDG B-5 to Support Comprehensive ECCE Statewide Systems

In this episode, subject matter experts discuss how their states have used PDG B-5 funds to take steps towards building a more comprehensive early care and education system.

PDG B-5: Townhall (May 3, 2022)

Presenters answer state questions about the PDG B-5 grant and take suggestions for future annual convening meetings.

Guide for Communicating the Strategic Plan for a Comprehensive, Statewide ECCE System

This guide is for PDG B-5 state leads and teams. It is for evaluating the strategic plan to communicate to external audiences about progress and goals.

Including PreK in Comprehensive ECCE Systems Building Activities

This webinar highlights strategies to expand equitable access to programs. It also covers the importance of cross-system planning with inclusive practices.

Head Start’s Involvement as a Strategic Partner in Comprehensive ECCE Statewide Systems-Building Efforts

This brief looks at Head Start as a strategic partner in systems-building. Staff will learn about the benefits and challenges of working together.