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These resources can assist CCDF Administrators and other Lead Agency staff with supporting American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) CCDF grantees.

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This fact sheet provides a descriptive analysis of information gathered from the 2019 Quality Compendium and details special needs and inclusion practices in all 44 QRISs, categorized by program type.

This fact sheet summarizes information from the Quality Compendium about the data systems for QRISs that are currently operating in the United States. Forty-three QRISs (98 percent) report that they have data systems.

This fact sheet provides a descriptive analysis of data from the Quality Compendium about how technical assistance (TA) was carried out across QRISs operating in the United States in 2019. It includes information about the following:

This fact sheet updates the participation fact sheet from 2017 and summarizes information from the Quality Compendium on program participation in 2019 by program type and quality level. This document also summarizes the types of data that QRISs collect on child demographics.

This session is designed to increase understanding of quality expenditures and budgeting.

This session includes a demonstration of the Budgeting Template, and shares a brief overview of Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) budgeting practices, including defining your CCDF program expense categories and demonstrating...

This session shares an introduction to Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) fiscal management for Tribal Lead Agencies.

This session will assist you in projecting your program’s direct services costs and help you predict the number of children that your Tribal Lead Agency can serve through direct services....

This plenary session was held during the Tribal CCDF Administrators Event during the Full TSTAM Audience 1st Event. This plenary session provided participants with an in-depth look at how to implement the Tribal Child Care Management Systems Framework into their CCDF program.