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Many professionals are key to supporting children’s access to high-quality care from birth through school age. They provide this support through technical assistance and training, administration, consumer education, health and mental health services, and other activities. The following resources are designed to support these professionals.

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Social-Emotional Development is defined as “the developing capacity of the child from birth through 5 to form close and secure relationships; experience, regulate, and express emotions in socially and culturally appropriate ways; and explore the environment and learn—all in the context of fa

Continuity of Care is the practice in which primary caregivers and children stay together for as long as possible, preferably the first 3 years, creating opportunities for caregiver-child,caregiver-family, and child-child relationships to develop and deepen over time.

Culturally Responsive Care is the practice of caring for children from culturally diverse families in ways that are consistent with their home practices and values. 

Primary Care is when an infant or toddler is assigned to one specific caregiver who is principally responsible for caring for that child in the care setting.

In the third webinar of our fiscal year 2021 program integrity quarterly series, we discussed what internal controls are and why they are so important, provided examples of how internal controls support fiscal, policy, and process decisions for CCDF, and introduced some of the tools that can

This document lists contact information for all tribal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) programs.

One of the immediate challenges organizations face with the integration of data in the early learning space is how to share information across agencies. A key component for that occurs is the identification and assignment of unique individual identifiers and a common sharing process.