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During the first five years, children constantly acquire new skills and knowledge. Caregivers who know what children can do and how they can get hurt can protect them from injury.1

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

Use this quick guide for tips on recognizing the causes of stress. Find steps to help reduce your stress and learn how the stress you experience affects the behavior of the children in your life.

Certain triggers, such as persistent infant crying, may lead some caregivers who are highly stressed to shake young infants. This can result in abusive head trauma that damages a baby's brain. Find out ways to strengthen protective factors that can help keep children safe.

The research-based Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework for Early Childhood Systems is a research-based guide. PFCE explores the relationships between parents and early childhood providers.

Father-friendly environments can help create chances for engagement. Create an environment fathers will want to be a part of by considering what they see, hear, and feel when they walk into your program.

A new practice brief from NCASE, Combining Resources to Support Quality Out-of-School Time Programs, explores strategies for using multiple funding sources at the program and state levels as well as models for...

NCASE is pleased to share a new resource designed for summer program providers that may be interested in serving families who use subsidies but are not overly familiar with CCDF. 

El Fondo para el Cuidado y el Desarrollo Infantil (CCDF) es el programa de subvención para el cuidado infantil nacional más grande utilizado para apoyar a las familias con bajos ingresos. Sin embargo, estas subvenciones son -sólo- una parte del marco del financiamiento. De hecho, se pueden...

Este documento de preguntas frecuentes (FAQ, por sus siglas en inglés) está diseñado para proveedores de programas de verano que atienden a niños de familias con bajos ingresos, y que puedan estar interesados en prestar servicios a familias que usan subvenciones para el cuidado infantil, pero...