ARP Act Supplemental Funding: Overview, Planning, and Communications Resources

Last Reviewed Date
January 25, 2023

child care stabilization grants logoThe following resources aim to help CCDF Lead Agencies understand American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act supplemental funding timelines, considerations, and recommended focus areas. These resources also help CCDF Lead Agencies implement strategic planning and communication associated with funded activities.

Timeline of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

This resource provides a timeline of key dates associated with the ARP Act funding.

Addressing Inequities in the Child Care System: ARP Act of 2021

This resource highlights how ARP Act Discretionary Supplemental funds can be used to help more families afford quality child care.

Administrative Costs in CCDF, CARES Act, CRRSA Act, & ARP Act

This resource provides an overview of administrative caps and allowable uses for each funding stream for CCDF Lead Agencies.

Toward a Better Child Care System: ARP Act Supplemental Discretionary Funds

This document shows how Lead Agencies can address current challenges and move toward rebuilding a better child care system.

Child Care Relief Funding: Addressing Administrative Needs

This brief helps Lead Agencies address their administrative needs, especially as related to the COVID-19 funding packages.

Child Care Relief Funding: Tracking Federal Funds

This brief assists Lead Agencies in considering ways to track existing CCDF funding and the three child care relief funding packages.

Supplemental Discretionary Funds: Snapshot of Recommended CCDF Activities

This resource provides a list of recommended activities that Lead Agencies should consider when deciding how to use supplemental discretionary funds.

CCDF COVID-19 Relief Funding – Auditing, Monitoring, and Fraud Prevention and Detection

The webinar highlighted North Carolina Lead Agency staff's program integrity strategies to implement CCDF COVID-19 emergency programs.

Discretionary Supplemental Funds Information Memorandum

This Information Memorandum provides Tribal Lead Agencies with guidance on disscretionary supplemental funds available via the ARP Act.

Profiles of Innovation: Idaho Community Program Grant

This Profile of Innovation describes Idaho’s approach to address the school-age learning gap and learning loss as well as behavioral health supports.

Profiles of Innovation: Kentucky Supply Building

This profile describes Kentucky's experience addressing the cost of child care and supporting providers in delivering high-quality child care services.

Profiles of Innovation: Nevada Substitute Teacher Expansion

This profile describes Nevada's effort to meet the increased demand due to COVID-19 staff shortages and to support engagement in professional development.

Profiles of Innovation: New Mexico Subsidy Rate Increases Based on Cost of Care

The New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department worked in partnership with external fiscal consultants to develop a robust alternative methodology.

Profiles of Innovation: Approaches to Mental Health and Social-Emotional Support during COVID-19

This Profile of Innovation describes state strategies addressing social-emotional and mental health needs of children and families during the pandemic.

Profiles of Innovation: Out-of-School Time Workforce Supports

This Profile of Innovation highlights innovative strategies that CCDF Lead Agencies are leading to support the needs of the OST workforce. 

Profiles of Innovation: Wisconsin Project Growth

This profile describes Wisconsin’s Partner Up! and Dream Up! grant programs under Project Growth.

Roadmap for Optimizing CCDF Supplemental Funding Using a Systems Approach

This tool helps Lead Agencies improve their child care systems and provides information on planning with engagement, implementation, and documentation.

Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guide

This guide can help CCDF Administrators with systems-building initiatives and provides practical examples and links to resources.

Using ARP Act Funding to Support Systems of Care for Infants/Toddlers and Their Families

A resource to help CCDF Lead Agencies identify ways to use the ARP Act CCDF discretionary supplemental funds to support their infant/toddler systems. 

Effective Communication Planning: Key Concepts to Get You Started

This tip sheet introduces key communication concepts that will help Lead Agencies use supplemental CCDF discretionary funds effectively. 

Building Messages for Key Audiences: Supplemental CCDF Discretionary Funds

This tool provides strategies to create effective messaging on the use of supplemental funding for each segment of a target audience.

OCC Letter to CCDF Administrators on Staff Vaccinations

The Office of Child Care sent this letter to CCDF Lead Agencies, encouraging them to require that all child care program staff receive COVID-19 vaccinations. 

ARP and PDG Funds to Address the Workforce Shortage

This letter from the Office of Early Childhood Development encourages Lead Agencies to use ARP Act and PDG funds to address the ECE workforce shortage. 

Administrative Costs in CCDF, CARES, CRRSA, & ARP

This resource provides an overview of administrative caps and allowable uses for each funding stream for state, territory, and Tribal CCDF Lead Agencies.