Applicant's information

Last Reviewed Date
September 23, 2023

This section shows how to gather and verify an applicant’s basic information.

What information should I capture?

OCC recommends gathering only basic identifying information for the applicant. For example, collect name and date of birth. Do not ask for non-essential information. Doing so can cause hesitation and may dissuade some families from applying.

Verifying an applicant's identity, including examples

Per the CCDF rule at 45 CFR 98.20(c), “a Lead Agency or other administering agency may not condition a child's eligibility for services under § 98.50 based upon the citizenship or immigration status of their parent or the provision of any information about the citizenship or immigration status of their parent.” Therefore, Lead Agencies must provide applicants options to verify their identity that do not depend on citizenship or having a SSN.

For example, Lead Agencies should allow applicants to submit one of the following: public benefits award letters showing their name, school ID, work ID, school records, medical records, foreign passports, foreign birth certificates, foreign driver’s license, consular ID, US driver’s license, US birth certificate, US passport, or any other document that reasonably verifies identity. To view how this can be done, view Documentation upload.