The Office of Child Care supports its grantees in various ways. Among the most important is the Child Care Technical Assistance Network (CCTAN). The system brings together resources from the Office of Child Care, the Office of Head Start, and their health partners to offer CCDF Administrators and their stakeholders information, tools, trainings and other supports. Learn More

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Explore subgrant information and applications for child care providers, by state and territory.
Learn how child care stabilization grants can provide financial relief to child care providers and help to sustain their operations.
Find articles and activities from the Infant/Toddler Resource Guide related to observational skills and individual planning.

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This infographic illustrates how COVID relief funds have helped to stabilize child care, lower costs for families, provide increased compensation for providers…
Child care providers must view their meaningful work as a business and plan and prepare for its sustainability and growth. This tip sheet will provide ideas…
This training covers Agile contracting, why it is needed for software projects, and applying Agile practices to existing projects. Watch the video or see the…

Tribal CCDF Grantees

Support Tribal grantees in providing consumer education information, CCDF services, child health and safety protection, child care quality improvement, and equal access to child care.

The Business of Family Child Care

Access resources from family child care expert Tom Copeland to make your business more successful.


Today, the Office of Child Care, Administration for Children and Families (ACF), released a report on COVID investments in child care.  The…
Office Of Child Care
We are pleased to announce that the Administration for Children and Families’ National Research Conference on Early Childhood 2024 (NRCEC…
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Wednesday, May 31, 2023—3:00 – 4:15 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) Register online now! Early care and education (ECE) teachers and service…
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State-Level Professionals

Leaders and professionals working in government and nongovernment entities to improve the availability of high-quality child care.

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Tribal Lead Agencies

Responsive providers who assist Tribal grantees with increasing the quality, affordability, and availability of child care in Native American communities.

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Training and Technical Assistance Providers

Professionals who support child care access through technical assistance and training, administration, consumer education, and health and mental health service activities.

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Direct Child-Serving Practitioners

Providers, teachers, home visitors, and other professionals who directly serve children from birth through school age.

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Families and Communities

Parents, family members, and others who interact with children and make decisions about child care.

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